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How do I purchase a membership?

You can purchase a membership on the Program Page with a one time payment for the full year membership. If you prefer to make monthly payments you can set that up through your paypal account.

Do you accept payment methods other than Paypal?

At this time we process all our credit card or debit card payments through paypal as an added security measure for your banking information. If you cannot or will not open a Paypal account you can contact us directly at hello@mommyready.com to request a mailing address for payment by check. Your account will not be activated until the check has processed this may take up to an additional 10 days after receipt of the check by mail.

Do I need a Core Ultrasound exam to do the Mommy Ready Program?

No. The Core Ultrasound exams are used by Core System Specialists to individualize your online program, but are not required for your participation. Some women benefit from this one-on-one exam. Your coach can help you decide if a consult is recommended based on your Self-Assessment results.

Do I need a referral from my doctor to start the online program?

No. Though it’s best to discuss starting a new exercise program with your doctor (especially postpartum), a written referral is not required to participate in this online program as you are not creating a patient-provider relationship with our medical providers. If you are planning on seeing a Core System Specialist in person, many insurance companies require a written referral.

What if I cancel my membership?

The 1-year membership is paid as a purchase upfront and refunds are only given under specific circumstances after the first 30 days. To review our refund policy see our Terms and Conditions.

Mothers who complete the Mommy Ready Postpartum Program have increased strength, balance and protection for their body against injury, as well as better results from their fitness regimen afterwards.

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