Please fill all the answers. Once you submit the result, it will show you how much score you have earn, If you submit all correct answers You can unlock phase two, or else you have to be stay on phase one for more one week.

1.Place one hand on your belly.
When you breathe in does your hand move out?
When you breathe out does your hand move in?
2.Lying down on the floor find neutral position.
Are both shoulders touching the floor?
Can you slide a hand under the curve in your low back?
3.Perform a TA contraction and hold.
Did you breathe out with your contraction?
Is the curve under your low back still there?
Did your pelvis and legs remain still?
Did the upper abdomen/lower ribs remain relaxed?
4.Stand against the wall with good posture.
Are your heels, calves, buttocks, shoulders and back of head all touching the wall?
5.Sit with good posture.
Is your head centered over your hips?
Is your torso in an I shape not a C shape?
6.From standing position lift an object off the floor.
Did you think to contract your TA before moving?
Did you bend your knees and keep your head centered?