Please fill all the answers. Once you submit the result, it will show you how much score you have earn, If you submit all correct answers You can unlock phase Seven, or else you have to be stay on phase Six for more one week.


1.Can you balance a stick from your shoulders to your hips?
2.Can you balance this stick while you lift your opposite arm and leg?
3.Did your shoulder stay over your wrist?
4.Did your hip stay centered over your knee?
5.Did your torso stay square to the floor – no rotation?
6.Did your belly remain flat?
7.Did you breathe out as you lifted your head?
8.Did your hips/spine remain still in neutral position?
9.Did your belly remain flat?
10.Did you breathe out as you lifted your legs?
11.Is your belly flat?
12.Is your pelvic floor lifted?
13.Are your shoulderblades touching the wall?
14.Are your front ribs tucked down, and the belly button lifted?