Please fill all the answers. Once you submit the result, it will show you how much score you have earn, If you submit all correct answers You can unlock phase three, or else you have to be stay on phase two for more one week.

1.Lying down on the floor can you find neutral position?
Are the front of your hip bones pointing to the ceiling not toward your head or your knees?
Do you have a small curve in your low back?
2.Do a pelvic floor contraction while lying on your back.
Did your back and hips move?
Did your legs rotate out?
Did your lower abdomen bulge out?
3.In sidelying, sitting and standing contract the pelvic floor.
Did you maintain neutral spine/hips?
Did the pelvic floor contract then lift?
Did you breathe out on the contraction?
4.Do the pelvic floor stretch?
Are your knees to the side of your chest near your armpits?
Can you relax and open the pelvic floor?
5.Are you having pelvic floor muscle spasm?
6.Perform a co-contraction of the TA and pelvic floor.
Are you able to hold a contraction 10 seconds while breathing in and out?
Did your spine and hips remain still?
Did you draw your belly in and lift the pelvic floor on the exhale?
7.Can you perform co-contractions in everyday movements?
8.Do you have one sided pelvic floor weakness or numbness?
9.Are you experiencing pelvic, hip or low back pain?